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Marine Ecosystems, In 2 Uncertain Times: Climate Change, Coral Reefs, and What it Means for Divers

Marine Ecosystems

Marine Ecosystems, excursion under the sea unveils a vibrant world filled with life and color – an enchanting view offered primarily by the globe’s coral reefs. However, in these uncertain times of climate change and ocean warming, the health and survival of coral reefs hang in balance.

Why Start Diving Now?

The Ocean has always been known to be the mysterious background that has been yet to fully explored. Yet, we find ourselves watching viral videos and documentaries of what amazing creatures and underwater landscapes it has to offer. Most of us spent of time underwater in swimming pools and we assume it’ll be the same […]

El Nino seems all but certain: Australia

By Bruce Hextall and Michael Perry SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – An El Nino weather pattern this year appears almost certain, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said on Wednesday in a revised forecast, raising the prospect of drought in Australia and a even weaker monsoon in India. The odds for El Nino, an abnormal warming of the eastern […]