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Plunge into the Abyss: 4 Non-Traditional Underwater Adventures You Can’t Miss in Diving

underwater adventure cave diving 2 divers

Get set to challenge your image of classical diving, and slap on your fins as we journey through unique underwater adventure sports. Think you’ve seen it all? Wait until you’ve plunged into these offbeat diving adventures.

Explore Underwater Diving: 4 Best Underwater Experiences that Surpass Classic Dive

wave dynamics diving

Get ready to abandon the traditional and launch yourself into a world where classic diving is but a speck in your rearview mirror. If you’re intrigued by alternative diving experiences and hunger for offbeat diving adventures, your journey into the surreal world of underwater exploration starts here.

Exploring the Depths: 7 Unforgettable Underwater Moments for Every Nature Lover

Underwater Moments

The underwater world teems with life and beauty, hosting a breathtaking spectacle that many may never witness. For those seeking out the call of nature, this realm offers one of the most profound nature-focused diving experiences. This blog post sets out to explore the grandeur of our oceans and seas, highlighting some of the diverse wildlife diving adventures and unforgettable underwater nature encounters you can experience and why they should be on your ‘bucket list’.

Unmasking the Sea: Mastering the 5 Steps to Select the Perfect Scuba Diving Mask

A lady with Scuba Diving Mask

This article will guide you through five critical steps to guarantee your choice of mask is top-notch – fit, lens type, full face mask or not, visibility, and how well the skirt seals. Thus, our deep dive into the heart of sea exploration begins.

Diving Philippines: Top 5 Dive Destinations to Explore

Diving Philippines: Top 5 Dive Destinations to Explore

There are a lot of of choices when scuba diving in the Philippines. Here are our first five favorite dive destinations in this Southeast Asian archipelago: Dauin Dauin offers a portion of the best muck diving on the planet, with opportunities to see a considerable measure of uncommon critters, for example, colorful cuttlefish, frogfish, blue […]

Sharks Killing: 1 of the Amazing Serial Killers of the Seven Seas

Sharks: Serial Killers of the Seven Seas?

 For decades, sharks have been the rebels of the seven seas thanks to sensationalized stories and stereotyping from movies and novels.  


Let go DEEP into SIPADAN! Let us start with the amazing place that we will be staying at during the trip — Sipadan Borneo Divers Mabul Resort! It’s located in Sipadan Island at the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia, which occupies a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach. It is a place which offers you […]