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Unveiling Best 5 Dive Locations for Underwater Macro Photography Enthusiasts

underwater macro photography - emperor shrimp

This blog post is a guide for underwater macro photography enthusiasts keen to explore some of the world’s most prized macro diving spots. We’ll dive into what makes these regions exceptional and provide some macro photography techniques to help you achieve impeccable shots of the magnificent macro underwater subjects. Diving beneath the sea opens up […]

Overcoming Dive Anxiety in 5 Brilliant Moves

diver anxiety - 2 divers

The existential fear and anxiety, often categorized as ‘dive anxiety,’ can hamper your diving potential and stop you from enjoying the underwater magic. This blog will help propel you forward, outlining ways to manage dive anxiety effectively while incorporating scuba diving confidence tips into your routine. For many, diving is the pinnacle of adventure.

Suit Up for Adventure: Embracing the Future of Scuba Diving Suit with 2 Innovative Wet and Dry Suits

Scuba Diving suit

This blog will whisk you away into the realm of 2 types of scuba diving suit, wet suits and dry suits, highlighting their importance for all the thrill-seekers out there – from winter divers to deep sea divers.

5 Important Steps to Embark on Your Scuba Diving Skills Journey

Scuba Diver

This post will guide you on embarking on your unforgettable scuba diving skills journey, laced with excitement, enriched with knowledge, and bubbling with breathtaking sights. Unleash your spirit of adventure and join us as we dive into a thrilling exploration beneath the waves.

5 Essentials to Dive Insurance

Woman Diver at Beach

Despite everything you don’t have your dive insurance, and we understand why: regardless you don’t see its genuine advantage. In this way, here is to signify your dive insurance information so you don’t need to be doubtful about it any longer. Understanding the Importance of Dive Insurance Scuba Diving, the intoxicating thrill of swimming with […]

Exploring the Meditative Depths of Scuba Diving: 6 Reasons Why is it Effective

Diving is not just for an extra pump of adrenaline, we think that exploring Meditative Depths of Scuba Diving is effective. This sports also contributes to a balanced body, mind, and spirit—just like yoga and meditation. Life above water may get chaotic and stressful at times, prompting us to seek solace and tranquility. However, who […]

Yoga Poses to Master for Better Diving

Yoga Pose - Mountain Pose

Yoga isn’t just about physical exercise—it is also about calming the mind and re-aligning it to the body. Yoga is an incredible way to quiet your mind—which is very helpful when you dive. Here are some essential yoga postures (asanas) you can rehearse with your diving pals for a better dive: Mountain Pose (Tadasana) Foundation […]

Top 3 Best Indonesian Street Food to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

Best Street Foods to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

After diving the Indonesian waters, another thing to explore is it culture and gastronomy. Indonesia values its food and history as much as it values its natural resources. Here are some Indonesian street foods to try out on your next dive escapade—they will give you a glimpse of the republic’s flavorful history and culture. Ketoprak […]

Unlocking Adventure: 5 Reasons Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

In this blog post, I’ll share with you the reasons behind my decision to take my diving skills to the next level in Bali and the unforgettable experiences that awaited me beneath its turquoise waters.

Rescue Course at Tioman with a Pufferfish & a visit from a Whale Shark during my 29th Dive

The bus is loaded and there’s a buzz in the air as we depart for our destination, Mersing Jetty for the boat trip to Tioman Island. Fast forward to 8am, Saturday morning. Had our breakfast and hopped onto our boat (Princess) at 9am. As Princess sailed to Paya Bakau, Instructors gave their dive briefings and […]


After reading about what the Divemaster course is, some of you might be thinking: Damn, that sounds tough, so why should I do it? How will being a DM help me? We asked the same questions to our existing divemasters at Gill Divers and here’re some of the answers we’ve got! Why did you want […]


We are just as happy you are to discover the 10 Public Holidays Long Weekend this year. Here’s a cheat sheet to a long weekend getaway we found. Disclaimer: We don’t own the Cheat Sheet! So you have been reading all these blog posts about what to do during the 10 Long Weekends in Singapore, […]