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Mastering the Depths: 6 Guides to Pelagic Diving in Bali

Pelagic diving

Underneath the clear, azure waters of Bali, a unique thrill awaits – pelagic diving. From witnessing epic big fish encounters to unravelling the ethereal beauty of the ocean, pelagic diving is one of those rare experiences that should find a place on every adventure enthusiast’s bucket list.

Taking The Plunge: A Comprehensive 5 Guides to Safe and Respectful Shark Diving

Shark DIving

Diving into the deep blue sea can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience, especially when your companions are the mystifying species of sharks. This guide provides you with an essential 101 on shark diving, ensuring your safety and fostering respect for these majestic creatures. From diving in a group, considering the crucial time of your […]

6 Best Ways to Plunge Deep with Sharks and Rays of Underwater World

Sharks and Rays

Ocean exploration unveils the awe-inspiring wonders of marine life, replete with a myriad of breathtaking underwater wildlife species. Among them, taking the spotlight are the sharks and rays, the underwater royals that everyone should consider diving with.

Your 5 Ultimate Guide to Exceptional Pelagic Diving in Bali

Pelagic Diving

There’s a wide ocean brimming with breathtaking experiences and Bali, renowned for its paradisiacal landscapes, is a treasure chest awaiting ocean explorers. Pelagic diving in Bali provides an opportunity for the discerning diver to plunge into a vibrant world teeming with big fish encounters and marine life wonders. Grab your gear and let’s set sail on an underwater journey.

Riding the Wave: 5 Ways Combating the Shark Extinction Crisis to Secure Our Oceans


Every creature, no matter how small or large, has a specific role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. Among these numerous inhabitants, sharks stand tall. Or rather, swim deep! They are the dominant predators in our waters, keeping the marine ecosystem in check. Yet, tragically, our oceanic predators face a continuous, possibly irreversible, threat […]

A Closer Insider Look at the 5 Most Rapid Underwater Creatures Extinction of Mammals

Diver and Shark, Underwater Creatures Extinction

This blog post aims to explore the plight of these endangered underwater creatures extinction of mammals and arm you with the knowledge for positive conservation action. As you dive into the deep blue sea, an entire world of mystery and beauty reveals itself.

A Journey into the 1st Abyss: Dominate Shark Diving in Bali’s Amed Coast

Wild White Tip Reef Shark Amed Bali Indonesia

Diving into the depths of the ocean could sound intimidating. However, in the turquoise waters surrounding the idyllic Indonesian island of Bali, there is an unforgettable adventure awaiting those who dare to take the plunge – shark diving in Bali. In the tranquil coastal town of Amed, you can swim side by side with these […]

Liveaboard Diving: Whale Sharks of Anambas and Igara Wreck

What’s more hallucinogenic than swimming with the giant whale sharks of Anambas and investigating the incredible submerged wreck of the Igara? If you haven’t encountered a liveaboard diving into these joyful dive destinations yet, maybe you should spare a spot now because to be perfectly honest, you are missing the fun! Meet with the whale […]

7 Amazing Things Sharks Do For You

Around the globe sharks are in a bad position, with more than 90% of the world’s sharks wiped out through angling, remorseless shark finning, and shark mitigation. Seventy to 100 million sharks are murdered every year. 1. Protects shellfish. Sharks eat skates and different predators of scallops, crabs and lobsters. At the point when sharks […]

Sharks Killing: 1 of the Amazing Serial Killers of the Seven Seas

Sharks: Serial Killers of the Seven Seas?

 For decades, sharks have been the rebels of the seven seas thanks to sensationalized stories and stereotyping from movies and novels.  

This better be the last of it

Injured whale shark dies on Malaysia Shore : Associated Press : 3 Jan 2009 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A rare 23-foot-long (7-meter-long) whale shark got entangled in a fishing net off Malaysia’s northwest coast and was towed to shore but died due to injuries, local media reported Saturday. Fisherman Key Chai Yang told the New Straits Times newspaper […]