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Vanishing Underwater Paradise: The Best 9 Coral Reefs You Must Experience Before It’s Too Late

Coral Reefs with 2 divers

This blog is a journey through time and sea, exploring the greatest diving coral reefs while emphasizing the importance of their preservation and restoration efforts.

Turning the Tide: 6 Amazing Marine Life Conservation Initiatives Saving Our Seas

Marine Life Conservation

This blog post will explore six pioneering ocean conservation initiatives that are working diligently towards ocean sustainability projects and protecting marine life. These trailblazing efforts are not just commendable but vital in maintaining the equilibrium of our underwater ecosystem.

The Enthralling Wreck Diving: Exploring Bali’s Triad of The 3 Best Historical Shipwreck

USS Shipwreck

Unbeknownst to many, diving in Bali is visiting home to some of the world’s most riveting underwater wreck diving sites. This article aims at unearthing some of the magic that pervades three of these archaeological wonders: The USS Shipwreck, the Japanese Shipwreck, and the Kubu Wreck.

A Journey into the 1st Abyss: Dominate Shark Diving in Bali’s Amed Coast

Wild White Tip Reef Shark Amed Bali Indonesia

Diving into the depths of the ocean could sound intimidating. However, in the turquoise waters surrounding the idyllic Indonesian island of Bali, there is an unforgettable adventure awaiting those who dare to take the plunge – shark diving in Bali. In the tranquil coastal town of Amed, you can swim side by side with these […]

Sharks Killing: 1 of the Amazing Serial Killers of the Seven Seas

Sharks: Serial Killers of the Seven Seas?

 For decades, sharks have been the rebels of the seven seas thanks to sensationalized stories and stereotyping from movies and novels.  

Marine Monster Mondays – Solar Powered Nudibranch

This solar-powered slug is the Medusa of the nudibranchs. Its long tentacle-like features have a large flat surface that is covered in Zoocanthellae brown algae and separated into individual ‘solar panels’. It farms algae on its body to create energy through photosynthesis, which means it uses the ability of plants to convert the sun’s energy […]

Tortoise? Or Turtle?

Ever wondered what is the difference between a Tortoise and a Turtle? We listed them here for you below! –Difference in Habitat A tortoise lives on land, while a turtle lives spends more of its time in the water. –Differences in Birth Both turtle and tortoise lay eggs on the ground. The mother tortoise will […]