Tortoise? Or Turtle?

Ever wondered what is the difference between a Tortoise and a Turtle?

We listed them here for you below!

Difference in Habitat

A tortoise lives on land, while a turtle lives spends more of its time in the water.

Differences in Birth

Both turtle and tortoise lay eggs on the ground. The mother tortoise will dig a burrow and lay two to twelve eggs there but in the case of a turtle, the hatchlings will stay inside the egg for 90 to 120 days.
Tortoise hatchlings will follow the mother to its own burrow; the mother provides protection to the hatchling for about 80 days, after which, they survive on their own. However, turtle hatchlings incubate on their own and once the process is completed, they dig their way to the surface and depart for a lifetime of sea voyage.

Differences in Physical Characteristics

Turtles live in water, therefore the shell of a turtle is flat and streamlined, which aids in swimming and diving. However, tortoises which live on land, are rather large and dome shaped to provide protection from the predators.
Also, the shell of a tortoise is quite heavy as compared to that of a turtle, which is lighter to avoid sinking and helps to swim faster in the water.

Difference in Lifespan

Tortoises generally have lifespans comparable with those of human beings, and some individuals are known to have lived 80-150 years (The longest living Tortoise is 326 years!!!!)
Sea turtles, requiring 40 to 50 years to mature, have life spans reaching 86 years old.

There you go! Some new gained knowledge about our suave and friendly marine creatures.
Do share with us your interesting encounters with turtles and tortoises! We would like to hear them =)

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