Marine Monster Mondays – Solar Powered Nudibranch

Phyllodensium Longicirrum, Solar-Powered Phyllodensium, Long-Cirri Phyllodensium

This solar-powered slug is the Medusa of the nudibranchs. Its long tentacle-like features have a large flat surface that is covered in Zoocanthellae brown algae and separated into individual ‘solar panels’. It farms algae on its body to create energy through photosynthesis, which means it uses the ability of plants to convert the sun’s energy into sugars and nutrients. Over time, this particular nudi has greatly modified the shape of its body to provide as many sunlit regions as possible for their ‘veggie patch’ to photosynthesize.

This little slug enjoys feeding on leather coral, especially the type that produces toxic compounds so that it can store the poison to produce a bad taste for potential predators.

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