Let go DEEP into SIPADAN!

Let us start with the amazing place that we will be staying at during the trip — Sipadan Borneo Divers Mabul Resort! It’s located in Sipadan Island at the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia, which occupies a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach. It is a place which offers you the excitement of superb diving along with comfort and relaxation, with full service professional dive operation. Easy access to the water provides for effortless shore and boat diving.

The rooms are clean and well-maintained rooms. for you to be comfortable after long day of diving. And the wonderful dining area will allow you to enjoy your food even more!

The dive sites around Sipadan are:

Turtle Cavern

Also known as the turtle tomb, about 20m down, you will be able to see an extensive cave system. Locals say this is where turtles come to die and indeed turtle skeletons can be found. Before seeing the cave, you will be amazed by the number of turtles swimming around outside the cave.

Barracuda Point

As the name has explained itself, it’s a place with Barracudas. If you are lucky, you may see barracuda tornado as the schools swims in a rapid spiral forming a spinning wall of fish. Beside barracuda, you may also find hard and soft corals along with black tip reef sharks, bump-head parrotfish, eagle rays, and triggerfish can also be seen. Get ready your reef hooks if you will be diving here as occasionally there would have very strong currents.  

South point

The site consists of a wall, a ledge at about 20m under and the sudden drop down. Be sure to look out for rare sharks such as hammerheads and thresher sharks which are usually visible around 40m. Before the drop, you will also able to see banner fish, moray eels and a variety of hard corals.


This is one of the most colorful dive sites in Sipadan as the corals are rich and beautiful. It’s not so much about sea creatures but you will still be able to see moorish idol, anemone fish. And if you keep a look out, you may also find green turtles around. The best time to visit Sipadan is between March and October where the sea will be in comfortable temperature between 21⁰c to 32⁰c. We are having our trips right in the season on 15 May – 20 May, 27 June -2 July 2014! Book today to avoid disappointment!

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