If you are a regular of Gill Divers, you would have noticed that we have some new stuff in store. Yes! New fins! From Italy! One of the latest addition to the fins family in Gill — Seac Sub GP 100.  It is an open heel fin created for heavy duty intensive usage. It comes in multiple colours and sizes for the style-conscious diver!

seac 1

These open heel fins offers more comfort compared to full foot fins as it usually requires the diver to wear booties, which gives you thermal protection. The booties also keeps your feet protected during shore dives and the hot dive decks.

When choosing fins, it should feel snug and not tight. Your feet should not be sticking out too much from the foot pocket. And it should not wiggle too much in the foot pocket either. Essentially, it should be part of your foot and an extension of your legs.

The Seac Sub GP 100 has a comfortable foot pocket fit and strong side ribbons that prevents you from sliding sideways on the downward kick. Plus a buckle strap that is comfortable yet robust enough to hold your feet in. Having said that, choosing fins is a very personal affair, which is why we have a good range of fins for you to choose from!

Head down to Gill Divers and one of our staff will be able to consult on the selection of fins!

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