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Life in the city is undoubtedly exciting. There is just so much to do here in this little island of ours every
single day. We meet and interact with so many different people. We laugh, cry, yell, live and love. As much as we
love the ups and downs, the exhilarations and the blues, don’t you just wish that you could escape from your life
for just a little while? Perhaps just step outside of yourself for some time and do things that make you happy?


Boasting a whopping eighty-percent of marine life found in “Coral Triangle”, dive sites in Redang have an extremely
rich biodiversity underwater. It would definitely be a feast for your eyes! Redang has always been very
consistent in its conservation efforts, especially in the conservation of corals. So expect to be surrounded by
a myriad of marine animals and a lively coral life when you are underwater! You would be so busy taking in
the underwater sightings that time would be forgotten.


On land, you can look forward to an array of activities happening in the resort. If not, you can take a leisure
stroll along the white, pristine beaches within a stone’s throw from the resort too. Have a moment to yourself
in solitude. Just close your eyes and listen out for the rhythm of waves as it crashes gently to the shore.
Let your worries go as the azure blue water caresses your toes…


How does this runaway plan sound like to you?


Grab your bags and run away with us on :

26 – 29 June 2014

28 – 31 Aug 2014

23 – 26 Oct 2014

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