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Trying to save the environment, 1 aluminum can at a time….

Its funny how in this environmentally conscious era, we in Singapore remain largely ignorant about saving the environment. Oh yes, there have been various government campaigns on recycling, using cfc free products, keeping our environment clean (I can still sing the cheesy jingle from the keeping the river clean ad! Yes.. the one with the …

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This better be the last of it

Injured whale shark dies on Malaysia Shore : Associated Press : 3 Jan 2009 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A rare 23-foot-long (7-meter-long) whale shark got entangled in a fishing net off Malaysia’s northwest coast and was towed to shore but died due to injuries, local media reported Saturday. Fisherman Key Chai Yang told the New Straits Times newspaper …

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The talk about sustainability is nothing new. We hear about sustainable living and changing the way we live and our mindsets to take the environment into consideration going about our daily routine, but honestly speaking, it’s not easy. There are many times, you would be tempted into taking the simpler way out and just slip …

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Solar Tower

This is really interesting, SOLAR TOWER, using the heating power from the sun to heat up a flat land of air and then channel the hot air into a chimney. In this chimney, there is a huge turbine, and this turbine will turn a generator to produce electricity. You might think that this will only …

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A Matter of Communication?

In the face of all the scientific data and information that we have in relation in the global warming and going green, it’s rather amusing that we are not changing the way we lead out lives. Not big changes , those take time, but making little changes like switching off the lights when you’re done …

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Taiji’s Annual Dolphin Horror Exposed

Annual killing of dolphin captured on film.. “Captured dolphins were filmed writhing in pain as Taiji whalers speared them repeatedly or cracked their spines with spiked weapons. Stricken dolphins are also shown thrashing about wildly, blood pouring from their wounds until they finally succumbed.”

Know your Global Warming – Carbon Sinks

It is not uncommon to hear about the many misconceptions that are circulating around the talk about Global Warming – my personal favourite being how the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the air is creating a hole in the ozone layer – but fact is, while we are slowly adapting our way of life …

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Shark fin? – Is this the end for them ?

The shark is caught alive and whole. Within minutes, it is severed of its fins and thrown back into the ocean. Unable to swim, the shark sinks towards the bottom and is left to bleed to death or fall prey to other fishes. This method is known as finning. A highly calculated act to maximize …

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