With so much coastline and islands, it is no big surprise that Southeast Asia has a portion of the best wreck diving on the planet. A significant number of the district’s wrecks are not just extraordinary for their level of protection and captivating history, but also for the measure of marine life that presently calls them home.

Coron, Philippines

Amid September 1944, an American observation mission found a covered armada of Japanese warships. They properly assaulted, crushing 24 ships. Twelve of these wrecks can be dived, thus making Coron Cove one, if not the best wreck diving destination on the planet.  

Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

Tulamben, Indonesia

Tulamben’s USS Liberty Wreck was dumped on Tulamben shoreline subsequent to being harmed by foe torpedo’s in 1994. There it lay until 1963, when the Gunung Agung spring of gushing lava, which towers over the region exploded. The power of the eruption grabbed the wreck and moved it a couple of meters out to ocean—making a world-class wreck-shore dive overflowing with life.

Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

Pattaya, Thailand

Another awesome site for experienced divers to see four shipwrecks that sunk amid World War II. These boats lie around 300 meters from Koh Phi in 30 meters of water. The two most well known wrecks are the Hardeep and the Bremen.

Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

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