I believe many of us out there have, at some point, heard about marine conservation. It is a hot topic of discussion and debate where everyone seems to have their two cents. So amidst the plethora of information out there, lets go back to basics and explore some simple things we can do to play our part in conservation efforts!
For starters, marine conservation is the protection and preservation of ecosystems in the oceans and seas. It’s really complicated stuff if we go deep into it but as a scuba diver, here are easy ways to play our part.

Respect the Reef

1. Observe but don’t handle marine life

2. Avoid feeding reef creatures

3. Use waterproof sun block

4. Leave no trash behind

Bring Home Memories, Not Reef Scrapes

1. Master neutral buoyancy

2. Keep dive gear from dragging on the reef

3. Stand and walk on sand, not on corals

4. Keep fins away from the reef

Know and Follow Local Regulations

1. Respect no-fishing and no-collecting areas

2. Stay within catch and size limits

3. If collecting shells, make sure they are empty

Go Blue

1. Patronize reef-friendly dive shops, hotels and tourist operators especially Reef Check Certified Facilities

2. Ask what operators are doing to monitor and protect their reefs

Get Involved

1. Join Reef Check and become an EcoDiver

2. Help spread best diving practices

3. Take a reef education course

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