Diving in Manado and staying at Cocotinos Resort

Diving in Manado


Manado is the provincial capital of North Sulawesi and is among the highlights of diving in Indonesia and has earned plaudits throughout the world. When you are scuba diving in Bunaken National Marine Park you’ll witness some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, with outstanding fish variety and world-class wall diving. You will find many unusual species, for example the prehistoric fish “coelacanth” as well as some household names: reef-shark, turtles, eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, even dugong and orca!  The clear, warm waters contain astonishingly high numbers of species, whether corals, sponges or fish.


While staying and diving from Cocotinos Resort, you can see 7 times more genera of coral than Hawaii, 33 species of butterflyfish and over 70% of all fish species known to the Indo-western Pacific.  Because of the ocean currents flowing through Bunaken Island, it brings a steady supply of nutrients. This insures there are plenty of food in the sea, supplying the perfect environment for the abundance of marine life.

Bunaken Marine Park is the centre of Manado diving and is adored by marine biologists, photographers and recreational divers alike since the richness of its waters ensure that no 2 dive are the same and that there is always plenty to see, study, photograph and marvel at.

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Staying at Cocotinos Manado


Cocotinos Manado is a boutique dive resort located within Wori Bay in the heart of Kima Bajo, a fishing village overlooking the Bunaken National Marine Park.  The park is world famous for its rich and astounding, wall and macro scuba diving. Cocotinos Manado was awarded “Excellence in Service Award 2009” by Scuba Diver Australasia.

Every guest that stays at this boutique resort falls in love with it!  The attentive service from check in to check out goes beyond expectations.  The staff in every department from the groundsman, driver, waiting staff, cooks, housekeeping, reception , spa are very attentive and delivered to our needs and requests.  You can relax at the amazing pool, eat at the fresh restaurant, watch the sun set over the ocean water or rejuvenate at the spa; there’s something for everyone here.

Available Services and Activities:

  • High Rated Restaurant with great selection of food, including vegetarian
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa
  • Resort Shop
  • Library of Books and Magazines
  • Digital Room
  • Land Tours
Comfy beds
Comfy beds
Spa over looking the ocean
Spa over looking the ocean
Sunset during dinner
Sunset during dinner
Relaxing tub
Relaxing tub

Can’t wait to join us? We will be diving in Manado from 10 – 14 September 2014. Join us in our adventure! Contact us at [email protected]

For more information on our trips in 2014, visit our Dive Your Choice Calendar here!

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    • gillcrew says:

      Hi Ain,
      Here is the pricing! If you would like to know about the itinerary, please send us an email!
      5D4N Manado Cocotinos Resort Leisure Dive Package
      – S$879 per diver (Twin sharing)
      – S$809 per diver (Triple sharing)
      – S$739 per diver (Quad sharing)
      – S$1,169 per diver (Single occupancy)


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