Yes, you’ve read that right.

When we talk about the environment and conservation, most people think of forest destruction, global warming, overfishing (basically everything dying).  However, we’re here to tell you that its not all doom and gloom.

As we begin 2016, we reflect on the 15 conservation wins in the year of 2015, and indeed, as Earth citizens, we’re doing pretty well.

  1. We’re getting more ocean reserves all around the world, in fact, we currently have over 2 million km2 of marine reserves.
  2. We’re developing new monitoring technology to combat overfishing.
  3. W’re catching them illegal fishing boats!
  4. Ocean conservation has made it to the UN sustainable development goals list.
  5. The Port State Measures Agreement.
  6. More films and printed press about the ocean’s being made.
  7. Sustainable fishing is gradually becoming understood as a human rights issue.
  8. Small island nations are leading the way and getting support on ocean management.  The Blue Guardians are born!
  9. A nonpartisan coalition is bringing ocean issues into the 2016 US election- Sea Party 2016 (when will it be Singapore’s turn?)
  10. Hacking (though illegal) is now a means for showing that you care- Not that we’re trying to advocate it.
  11. The Arctic might become out of bounds for oil drilling.
  12. Ocean Zoning is gaining traction as a key policy approach.
  13. Plastic microbeads have now been banned.
  14. Doomsday, for unsustainable fishing subsidies.
  15. The ocean is being mentioned in the COP 21 climate agreement.

Now, that being said, it doesn’t mean we’ve done enough.  All its saying is that we’re on the right track, so keep it up! Spread the word for conservation of our beloved seas!

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