Sustainable Advertising

Going Green is nothing new to us and has become an very common lingo for promotion,

So how many of us is really going green?

New concepts come up everyday, this is one that I’ve came across and i find that this is actually very related top our daily working life, being sustainable is the key if not going back to the dark ages would work too,

haha.. lots of us want to be green being human, luxuries are what we tend to go for,

In our working environment, we often do lots of adverting and there’s no choice abt it,

As Advertising works :) No point denying it as it does work, But how to do it without impacting Mother nature, that would be the key, and this gentleman in Bali has done it in an very nice way,

for me, I’ll be trying to grow some bamboo in the next few months if any results, I’ll be giving bamboo plants away , I’ll keep everyone posted

Cheers for now,


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