Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipments- Item No. 3 – Buoyancy Compensators

Poseidon OneWing

Gill Divers’ Guide : Buying Your Own Equipment

Head down to Gill Divers, our crew can advise and get you outfitted in no time.

Let’s breakdown Dive Equipment into Two Phases

Phase 1 : The Basic Dive Equipments (Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuits)

Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipments (BCs, Regulators, Dive Computers)

Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipment

Suunto D4i (Front)
Suunto D4i (Front)
Poseidon OneWing

Item No. 3 – Buoyancy Compensator

Buoyancy Compensator

It will be the most complex and also, the most important dive equipment you’ll own (Besides your regulators)

What it does?- The name itself, Buoyancy Compensator, tells what it does. It compensates the volume of air in the bladder, adjusting your buoyancy both underwater and on surface.

What to look out for – Correct Size and Fit. Choose one that doesn’t squeeze you when it’s fully inflated. It shouldn’t restrict your breathing. Test and check the accessibility of all valves and also the buckles and straps. Check for the features of the BCs, for example, some have integrated weight pockets. Most importantly, pay attention to the inflator hose. Make sure it is easy to reach and extends over your head.

Price Range – $ 265 to $ 1,300

Seac Sub Ego BCD Promotion
Seac Sub Ego BCD Promotion

Gillmen Advice – You expect to use this dive equipment for years. Get a good quality Buoyancy Compensator, one that will last. Test as many different models as you can in real diving situations before buying. Rent them if you have to. Get reviews of different type of BCs, such as the jacket type or backplate. Contact us at [email protected] for more information

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