Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipment – Item No. 2 – Regulators


Gill Divers’ Guide : Buying Your Own Equipment

Head down to Gill Divers, our crew can advise and get you outfitted in no time.

Let’s breakdown Dive Equipments into Two Phases

Phase 1 : The Basic Dive Equipments (Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuits)

Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipment (BCs, Regulators, Dive Computers)

Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipment

Item No. 2 – Regulators

Poseidon Cyklon
Poseidon Cyklon


Regulators, at this point, have been perfected. Meaning, most regulators can offer high performance and comfort.

What It Does – It regulates and converts the high-pressure compressed air in your tank to ambient-pressure, so that you’ll be able to breathe the air. It is also used to transfer air to your Buoyancy Compensator.

What to Look For – High Performance and Comfort.

The best ones can deliver high volume of air even at depth or under heavy exertion even at low tank pressures. Some comes with Diver-Controlled Knobs & Switches. Learn the functions of the knobs and what it does.

Look for a comfortable mouldable mouthpiece, and get the correct length for your hoses. You wouldn’t want a hose that is too short or too long.

Price Range – From $195 to $1109

Gillmen Advice – Talk to our dive crew, experienced divers and get their reviews of regulator models. Try as many regulators as you can when you go diving. Rent one if you have to. Do not rush in getting your own regulator, take your time. This is a dive equipment that you shouldn’t rush in buying or buy on impulse!

Most importantly, don’t forget to take proper care of your regulators. Wash them after every dive trip. And also, have it properly maintained and send it out for servicing regularly.

Also, having in depth knowledge about your diving equipment is an integral part of becoming a better diver. Take up the Equipment Techniques Speciality, where you will learn how to fit, adjust, maintain and make small repairs to your Dive Equipments.

Stay tune for our next post – Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipments, Item No. 3 – Buoyancy Compensators

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