Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipment – Item No. 1 – Dive Computers

Suunto D4i (Front)

Gill Divers’ Guide : Buying Your Own Equipment

Head down to Gill Divers, our crew can advise and get you outfitted in no time.

Let’s breakdown Dive Equipments into Two Phases

Phase 1 : The Basic Dive Equipments (Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Wetsuits)

Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipment (BCs, Regulators, Dive Computers)

Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipment

Suunto D4i
Suunto D4i

Item No. 1 – Dive Computers

Dive Computers

With technology getting better and better. Most divers seldom use dive tables to plan their dives, however, Dive Tables is still an invaluable tool for safe diving. Dive computers, however, is an even better tool for the same reason!

What it does? – Dive Computer constantly monitor a diver’s depth and bottom time, and recalculates your no-decompression status and maintains your safe zone while diving. Depending on the model, some have different features. For example, telling you when it’s safe for you to fly.

What to look out for – Get a User-Friendly Dive Computer.

The Dive Computer Display, this is where you can access all the information you need to have a safe dive. Being able to read the the display easily and accurately is vital to your safety.

You should be able to easily read your – Depth, Dive Time and Decompression status

Check for other features/functions of the Dive Computer as well.

Price Range – $300 to $1,300.

Gillmen Advice – Depending on what your diving needs are, if you are Enriched Air Nitrox Certified, or planning to take up that speciality, get a Dive Computer that can be set to Nitrox.

Don’t go diving very often? Then we suggest getting a Dive Computer that you can wear everyday, we do have some dive computers models that can used as an everyday watch, for example, the Suunto D4i and Suunto D6i.

Stay tune for our next post – Phase 2 : The Dive-Life Support Equipments, Item No. 2 – Regulators

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