3 Dive Gears to Hoard this 2018


You have finally completed your personal diving equipment: fins, mask, snorkel, and wetsuit. Now, let’s up our dive gear hoarding game by owning these equipment rather than renting them:

 1. Buoyancy Compensator Device (BC)

You sure want a Buoyancy Compensator Device that can give you more freedom of movement underwater. A BC that holds your tank well while you are in the submerged environment is a great plus. Having a quality and high-performing BC could not be assured when you go for rentals. If you want a BC that fits you well and can give you the perfect buoyancy you want, better research and purchase your own.

3 Dive Gears to Hoard this 2018

 2. Dive Computer

Getting an intuitive dive computer these days is not an option anymore, but rather a necessity. Jurassic dive tables are long gone. If you want to ensure a successful and accurate dive, purchasing a dive computer that suits your diving lifestyle is a huge leap to your diving pursuits.

3 Dive Gears to Hoard this 2018

3. Regulator

Yes, regulators are heavy and relatively pricey — but if you are someone who dives regularly, it is surely an awesome investment. Having your own regulator will guarantee its good maintenance and performance.

3 Dive Gears to Hoard this 2018

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