5 Reasons You Should Dive Lombok

The Indonesian island of Lombok is a secret jewel for divers, surfers, and voyagers alike. While neighboring Bali is immovably settled on the visitor and diving circuit, the best scuba diving in Lombok still flies somewhat under the radar.

Macro Paradise

The Gili islands offer in excess of 20 diverse dive locales where every ha its exceptional touch and star attractions. Make a beeline f or Shark and Manta Point to spot reef sharks, investigate the concealed corners of Bounty Wreck and watch turtles and gatherings of Humphead Parrot Fishes on Coral Fan Garden. Dive the Southwest of Lombok, in Sekotong and the Southern Gilis, to take superb photos of some endemic types of nudibranchs and pigmea seahorses, or take a look at the timid bamboo shark and blue-ringed octopus.

Good Dive Conditions

Searching for a smooth and simple dive? The Gili islands and Sekotong Lombok have water temperatures of 27-29 degree Celsius all year around. A 3mm shorty is absolutely enough to dive around. The huge visibility of up to 30 and more meters can be stunning as you may be baffled by what’s happening around you. On some days expect some present, particularly around December and January. Simply lay back and make the most of your most loved submerged TV appear.  

Diver’s Heaven

The dive destinations around the Gili Islands lie all around a short vessel drive separation of 5-10 minutes. Hope to see the lovely reefs and marine life in the shallow waters until the point when 30 meters and keeping in mind that swimming. Between the dives, you can eat at one of the close-by bistros or eateries. Some of them offer extraordinary suppers for divers and serve in speedy time so you won’t miss your next dive. When you have achieved Sekotong region (around one hour by vessel from Senggigi and the Gili islands), all dive locales are stuffed around the triangle of Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede and Sekotong.

For Beginners and Dive Pros

It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are new to diving or have as of now a lot of dives added to your weight repertoire. Because of its assortment of dive locales each diver discovers its spot. The simple access, smooth conditions, warm waters and enormous perceivability make diving around the Gili islands and in Lombok ideal for learners and families with scuba diving kids.  Your kids will be excited by a lot of turtles you can hope to see amid your dives. Yet in addition dive masters will be compensated with uncommon species and some all the more difficult dive destinations.

Lombok Adventures and Gili’s Charisma

Climb the second most noteworthy abundance of Indonesia with the Rinjani mountain (3726 m) and investigate its staggering cascades around the slants. Surf the best waves far and wide in Kuta Lombok and become more acquainted with the Sasak culture in the conventional weaving and ceramics towns. The appeal of the Gili islands with their turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches is powerful. Settle down in one of the bounty cottages and beach eateries and appreciate the tropical island feeling.

Just Breathe Better Underwater


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