Fast Facts: Peacock Mantis Shrimps

Delightful and savage—not run of the mill descriptions for shrimps, yes? Be that as it may, the mantis shrimp wants to emerge from the shores of shrimps. Being a standout amongst the most fearsome animals of the sea, this splendidly shaded species has earned a unimaginable notoriety.

Mantis or Shrimp? Mantis shrimps aren’t shrimps at all in spite of their namesake and stature—nor are they mantises. They’re far off relatives to lobsters, crabs, and shrimps—in the order Stomatopoda.

One punch to kill their prey.

To wallop its prey like sea-going executioner robots, the peacock mantis shrimp utilizes two extremities called dactyl clubs. At 50 mph, moving faster than a .22-gauge shot, their “clench hands” spring forward from their bodies—which briefly warms the water encompassing them as hot as the sun’s surface. With 160 pounds of power, their preys are crushed through shells.

Unparalleled vision.

They have the most complex eyes in the kingdom Animalia. The mantis shrimp’s eyes have 12 photoreceptors each enabling them to detect distinctive sorts of colors—human eyes only contain three kinds of light-sensitive cells so we can see red, blue, and green. Some presume that mantis shrimp see the world in a hallucinogenic rainbow of lively hues.

Just Breathe Better Underwater


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