Liveaboard Diving: Whale Sharks of Anambas and Igara Wreck

What’s more hallucinogenic than swimming with the giant whale sharks of Anambas and investigating the incredible submerged wreck of the Igara? If you haven’t encountered a liveaboard diving into these joyful dive destinations yet, maybe you should spare a spot now because to be perfectly honest, you are missing the fun!

Meet with the whale sharks of Anambas

Whale sharks are profoundly migrant and are generally lone—they just meet up in bunches when feeding—however they are to a great degree inquisitive and delicate as well! Amid your dive, they will liable to approach you for a closer view, so be mindful not to frighten them off. Swim and cooperate with these ravishing monsters best where they are located incalculable circumstances: Anambas Islands!

Igara Wreck exploration

After a meet with the whale sharks Anambas Islands, you can likewise investigate the four-decade-old, coral-encrusted wreck of the Igara. In any case, who might need to dive and experience all the problem just to see a corroded old ship submerged, you say? Well to begin with, there won’t be any problem in the solace of liveaboard. Second, the Igara Wreck isn’t only some corroded old ship. For a considerable length of time, it has filled in as a home to many marine species. Divers everywhere throughout the world likewise make a trip miles just to see this pure dive spot.

Dive Anambas and Igara through liveaboard

Liveaboard diving is extraordinary compared to other approaches to encounter the sea! It gives you a chance to have all the more diving as you are only a doorstep far from the water. Liveaboard diving additionally gives you access to remote spots, which you can’t do when you dive through a land trip. Liveaboard additionally offers rich nourishment! What’s more, ultimately, it is well disposed notwithstanding for solo explorers. Diving mate? You’ll without a doubt meet new individuals who share an indistinguishable enthusiasm from you, so you’ll never be separated from everyone else!

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