Indonesia is a lasting Readers Choice top choice, and it’s not hard to perceive why. Indonesia is a place where you can dependably observe what the undersea kingdom may have looked like when the world was crisp and new. From Bali’s remarkable Liberty wreck that is a simple shore dive, the nation’s submerged wealth clear east and north through the Flores, Banda and Celebes oceans, incorporating the walls of Wakatobi, the critters of Lembeh and the streams — and beasts — of Komodo. Also, everything comes wrapped in the comforting smiles of an inviting people who have raised cordiality to divers to an artistic expression.

Sulawesi trip

If you needed to pick only one spot to explore the insane universe of muck diving and the extraordinary sea animals, in that our vote goes to this much-cherished strait off the upper east tip of Indo’s orchid-shaped isle, Sulawesi.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Fit for royalty

With all regard to Lembeh, the islands of Indo’s Raja Ampat — the territory of West Papua — have an excellent number of macro diving spots.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Blue magic

Dampier Strait destinations like Blue Magic are known for mantas, yet don’t neglect the macro critters here as well, including the slippery blue-ringed octopus. At any Raja Ampat site, look out for the little and the huge stuff for your underwater photos.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Treasures everywhere

In places like super-lavish Bali and the close-by Gili Islands, excellent topside scenes tempt photographers as much as what’s beneath. Try not to miss a shot of the dawn or the dusk up a volcano.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Dive and “OM”

Indonesia has numerous things to offer divers with a twisted turn toward the natural and mystic. With all encompassing retreats and pervasive yoga-themed lodge and experience, Indonesia’s dive sites are also expat and vegetarian-friendly.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Just Breathe Better Underwater


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