For the Paranormal Freaks: Diver Stress and Rescue Course

Add heaps of thrill to your diving escapades through the Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty Course! This course is for you if… You proclaim yourself as a seeker. You love discovering things. It is a passion of yours. You are a freak for anything about searching the lost. Like treasure-hunting—dead-body-hunting—as well as simply searching for lost dive arsenals. You like superhero movies a lot and you swore that someday you will be like them. It revs you up when you get to look for something in the strange depths. It is a mission for you. A great, hero mission. You sure are crazy, but you got a big heart, so everybody is okay like that.

SSI Rescue Diver Speciality

Here is your dream come true: Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty Course. This specialty course will equip you with the skills to employ different search patterns to plan search and rescue operations. You will also learn how to use lift bags to recover heavy objects safely and securely. One of the requirements of this course is a genuine heart, so I guess you’ll fit! Make sure to master your own buoyancy too as it is a huge plus in dives like this. It is also great if you got your own diving gears as you need to familiarize using your equipment. Stress and rescue dives are different from leisure ones, as the goal is to look for something lost, or saving a life.

Just Breathe Better Underwater


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