For the Paranormal Freaks: Night and Limited Visibility Course

Add heaps of thrill to your diving escapades through the Night and Limited Visibility specialty course! This course is for you if… Darkness excites you. You do not cringe in fear when enveloped in it. You can’t explain it but it gives you a good kind of thrill. The deep dark smells like home to you. You find beauty in the dark—bioluminescent creatures and nocturnal beasts are your spirit animals.

SSI Night Diving Speciality

Those who plunge into the Night and Limited Visibility specialty course are the brave, the chosen ones of the abyss. It promises luminosity and vividness behind the dark mist. It allows you to swim past the blackness, guided by the light of the moon (and your dive torch.) It will teach you how to navigate in dark waters, handle light properly, and communicate right underwater. Note, Perfect Buoyancy expertise is a plus if you’re going to dive at night! You are a thrill-seeker, a natural. You have heightened power even in the darkest of darkest. But it is also a must that you take good care, not only of yourself but with the creatures you encounter. Great buoyancy skills is a huge help! In mastering your own buoyancy, you can prevent damaging coral reefs and other animals as you dive.

Just Breathe Better Underwater


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