Get your Nitecore Dive Torch at Gill Divers

Gill Divers is the first and currently the only store in Singapore to carry Nitecore dive Torches. Originally designed and built for law enforcements, these torches are built to withstand almost anything! The SRT7 is the third generation SSR or “Smart Selector Ring” which turns this torch into 4 different flashlights. Along with it’s bright 960 lumens, it also has RGB LED lights which is activated using the SSR. The SRT7 has a high quality feel, dead simple user interface, great beam with plenty of throw and decent spill, no tint and best of all, BRIGHT!

Gill Divers also carries the SRT6. It’s the baby sister of the SRT7 with some of the same features excluding the RGB LED lights. It has 930 Lumens and shares the SSR or “Smart Selector Ring” to control the brightness of the torch.

Come into Gill Divers today to pick up your Nitecore dive torch!

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