Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

How sure are you that your criminal record is as clean as the diving gears in the rental shop? A lot of divers commit a crime without realizing it and it would be a shame if you’re one of them. Here is the list of 4 admissible pieces of evidence that will lead you to remorse-trip-to-jail once you get to put your fingerprints on them.

1. Mask

Renting your mask is a 3rd-degree felony that you have to pay for by means of torture. You have to take into account that your scuba mask is your window for the world out there in the waters, it would be a serious mistake to use a foggy and leaky one. In case you’re thinking of renting a mask, think twice. Do not be a murderer of a supposed to be wonderful dive.

Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

2. Wetsuit

Imagine finding a whole range of options laid to you in a rental shop then spending 45 minutes trying out different sizes and styles just to end up renting worn-outs. We don’t need a jury to tell you that you have made poor choices in life including this particular one.

Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

3. Fins

Fish have fins and not legs, if you’re going to barge in their territory, might as well be in stealth mode. Scuba fins are the best accessory to move through the water. You have to look for comfortable and efficient flippers and rental shops are probably not the best place to snoop in your nose. Invest on your fins because it is beyond reasonable doubt that a bad fitting rental one will bring you nothing but guilt.

Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

4. Dive Computer

If you dive frequently, this accessory is essential for you because nobody enjoys working the dive tables anymore the same as nobody wants to get frustrated learning different models of computer. Investing on this will be a great help for you in the long run because you can closely monitor your depth, time, decompression status, and tank pressure.

Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

Renting these 4 gears is definitely not open for a plea bargain or any negotiations. You are a criminal that deserves to be incarcerated for a lifetime. This is not a threat to ditch rental shops, this is merely a warning to remind you that if in any case, you decide to rent the equipment mentioned above then you are in for the “remorse jail” for the entirety of your dive.

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