5 Scuba Diving Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

Remembering these scuba diving mistakes you should avoid during your dives will help you achieve not only safe and successful dives. You also make your every dive purposeful.

1. Lack of Buddy Communication

Although it is now accepted to dive without a diving buddy, it is best if you have one. After all it is still better to have someone to check on your safety. Having solid and clear communications with your scuba diving partner is also one of the ingredients of a successful diving trip. We advise you create rapport with your diving buddy before your dive. Talk about how you can communicate better underwater.

5 Scuba Diving Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

2. Skipping the Perfect Buoyancy Program

Some divers may underestimate a Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Course. Though you think you may have perfected your buoyancy control, it is still great if you freshen your skills by taking an extra Perfect Buoyancy Program. Navigating freely underwater can only be achieved if you have really mastered your buoyancy control.

5 Scuba Diving Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

3. Diving Without a Dive Computer

Diving tables are long, long gone! Get over it, okay? A trustworthy dive computer will not only contribute to a safer dive. It will also make your diving fun, stylish, and exciting! Imagine recording and seeing your progress intuitively right on your very wrist.

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4. Diving Beyond Training Limit

Diving is a fun and exciting sports — but equally dangerous. Do not underestimate the ocean’s depths. Diving outside your training limit is lethal. Before thinking of diving deeper, diving into the night or exploring that wreck, make sure you are fully equipped by taking the appropriate specialty program. A lot of diving agencies offer Deep Diving, Night Diving, Wreck Diving and most especially, Perfect Buoyancy specialty courses.

5. Stepping on Coral Reefs

This one is equally important with everything listed above. Stepping on coral reefs is destroying the homes of many fish. That’s why it is so significant to go back to number 2! Never skip mastering your buoyancy control. It will give you more freedom and control over your actions underwater. With mastering your own buoyancy you can stay away from harmful critters as well as veering away from destroying the reefs.

Genuine passion to protect and to prevent the destruction of our oceans is a mark of a true diver. Being a scuba diver also means being the protector of the ocean and everything that lives in it. By keeping this list of things to avoid while diving, you make your every dive not only exhilarating but also purposeful.

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