5 specialty courses to take before 2017 ends!

The pleasure of diving is a lifelong learning, you can never limit yourself with your current skill set as you cannot limit yourself to one dive site. Your 2017 diving journey is about to conclude and you know what? Earning a new diving certification is an absolute perfect yearender!

1.Enriched Air Nitrox

This course is the closest that you can get to technical diving. Enriched Nitrox is the taste of diving with exotic gasses that opens up a world of longer and safer dives. This involves a higher percentage of oxygen than in normal atmospheric air reducing the risk of decompression sickness. Many divers report feeling more alert, and less tired after diving with Nitrox and if you want to share the same sentiments before 2018, then get your name on the list for Enriched Air Nitrox specialty course! 

2.Perfect Buoyancy

Nothing makes a diver feel better than being in control. This specialty course will teach you proper breathing techniques to conserve gas, navigate through the water as if you’re walking upright on land, and as we’ll introduce you to more scientific safety measures. Perfect buoyancy course will definitely increase the overall experience of diving. Wouldn’t you want to level up your diving game for the coming year?

3.Deep diving

You don’t have to settle for the beauties of the shallows, there are handful of reef edge and vertical walls that’s been waiting for you to explore just deep below 20m just before this year ends. Deep diving specialty course will physically and mentally prepare you for the amazing life at greater depths. Getting your certification from this course is like getting your ticket to be absolutely free.

4.Wreck diving

Exploring the waters in depths only to get a face to face moment with old sunken ships is probably the most genuine form of diving.  Wreck diving experience combines deep diving, spectacular marine life, history, and archeology all in one. In the middle of the excitement, this type of diving involves risk and hazards that can be prevented by learning from the pros. Completing a wreck diving course will prepare you just right for your adventurous and historical dive for the coming year.

5.Search & Recovery Specialty Course

Searching objects under water is more than just finding what you’re looking for – it’s about different techniques, search patterns, and recovery methods to apply in order to increase your chances of success to recover objects and bring them to the surface. A Search and Recovery specialty course will bring to your table search plans, recovery dives, and in general, the art of finding things.

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