Why It’s a Must to Take Perfect Buoyancy Course


Mastering perfect buoyancy is a mark of an excellent scuba diver. Gaining expertise in this particular diving skill is very significant as increasing your buoyancy control will surely define the quality of your dive. Here is a list on why you should definitely take that Perfect Buoyancy Course you’ve been eyeing for the longest time:

Glide through the water effortlessly

Divers who have perfected their buoyancy control skills are less likely to have problems navigating underwater. Taking a perfect buoyancy program will reveal you the secret techniques on how to move effortlessly and comfortably underwater, how to hover in different positions as easy as standing up straight when on land, and as well as how to use less energy without sacrificing power and control during the dive.


Conserve air more economically

Training programs on buoyancy control allows you to discover the strategies and techniques on how you can minimize your breathing gas consumption. Conserving your gas will allow for longer dive times. Also, a perfect buoyancy specialty course teaches the art of regulated breathing which will give you more control on rising and sinking — very useful on wreck and cave diving.


Dive safely and cautiously

Learning perfect buoyancy promotes safe diving. Dive Assure Association expressed that diving is considered a safe activity…[but] unfortunate event of a diving accident can possibly occur due to lack of thorough training, safe diving guidelines, proper gear, and dive experience. According to a statistics by Divers Alert Network, poor buoyancy control is the second leading cause of diver fatalities. That means, perfect buoyancy is a skill all divers must acquire — not only for the reason of expanding knowledge, but also for safety issues.


Without a doubt perfect buoyancy is a must-take program for every diver. Additionally, perfecting your buoyancy also means becoming more environmentally-aware as it teaches and trains you to avoid crashing into coral reefs, and other marine creatures.

Just Breathe Better Underwater

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