Top 5 Reasons Why Owning a Personal Mask is Important


Does the phrase “We highly recommend you to purchase you own mask before your dive trip” sounds familiar? Here are the Top 5 Reasons why owning a Personal Mask should be at the top of your list when it comes to purchasing diving equipment!

1. Costs Friendly

Let’s say the cost of renting a mask per day is about SGD $3 to $5 depending where you choose to dive at. Over the year, on average a diver goes out for 2 – 3 dive trips be in nearby your country or overseas. Amounting the cost to be about SGD $6 to $15 a year. Not that expensive right? Well, let’s say you remain this commitment for about 3 to 5 years before life gets too busy for you to commit additional time for dive trips. This will amount to about $18 to $75 over that 3 to 5 years.

A mask has a typical lifespan of about 4 – 8 years, if it’s averagely maintained, and even more if it’s very well maintained. The price of an average mask would be between SGD $20 – $45, maybe more for a “higher tiered” mask. Breaking not into per year, it will probably cost you only about $11.25 a year. Which is pretty reasonable!

2. Your Personality

Individuality and uniqueness is something most people strive for, being recognized as one-of-a-kind or just not the average joe. Renting a mask would obstruct your path towards uniqueness and kinds of put you into the average joe category. Purchasing your own mask allows you to select a mask that fits your style and personality, putting emphasis on YOU!

3. Hygiene

Most dive shops have masks which are more-or-less equivalent to their volume of customers, this means the masks are being used frequently by many people. Not implying that these dive shops do not wash their masks but think about this, how comfortable are you putting on clothes which a shop rents that has 100 customers a month?

4. Safety and Comfort

Although ranked 4th in this post, but do not think lightly of this point. As we all know, mask comes in different molds, and one mask may not fit all faces perfectly, causing minor leaks or discomfort around the nose bridge area. This has huge implications on you and your experience as a diver. Intruding into your personal space when it comes to enjoying the ocean or giving you unnecessary problems when you are descending or just minding your own business underwater. A personal mask, handpicked by you will ensure that the mask suits your face shape (provided you take the trying seriously!), reducing potential problems and frees up you attention to focus on enjoying rather than anticipating problems.

5. Ownership

Ever thought what makes you wake up every morning wanting to wear your watch or utilising something you bought? Apart from your desire to own them at the start, it is also probably because you have the “since I bought it, might as well use it” mindset. Likewise, missing the ocean but always felt that it is hard to push yourself to take the step and sign up for a dive trip? Looking at your mask, sitting lonely in the corner of your cupboard will make you get up and say LET’S GO DIVING!

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– Gillmen

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