SSI XR Programs and why should you take it?


SSI Extended Range (XR) Line

Technical Diving
Technical Diving

Heard of Technical Diving or Tec/Tek Diving? If not, here’s a short summary of what it is and why you should take it.

SSI Extended Range (XR) Foundations offers a simple in-water workshop that exposes interested divers to what Technical Diving can offer, Philosophy, Knowledge, Skills and Equipment. Moving forward, SSI Extended Range Nitrox Diving and SSI Extended Range provides training in conducting safe and controlled decompression diving with the use of Air, Trimix and Hyperoxic Gas Mixes. This is also where divers develop a higher level of thinking with regards to organisation, dive planning and task-loading.

So to summarise, here are some reasons as to why everyone should take up and learn some form of Technical Diving:

  1. Changes your perspective towards diving, with regards to making it safer and more organised.You will be more prepared by fine-tuning your organisation skills to keep yourself and the dive boat always ready to handle emergencies or contingencies. Becoming even more calm underwater will develop alongside with your thought process, making you almost the hardest person to become panicky underwater.
  2. Increases your ability and perspective towards task-loading.Technical Diving will train you in being able to handle multiple requirements at the same (or at least teaches you how compartmentalise all the things you need or want to do by prioritising them). Hovering while deploying a SMB and communicating with your buddies is the simplest of an example.
  3. Extends your knowledge and skills towards scuba diving.You learn more about the science of scuba diving, from Physiology, Psychology to the Environment and even Decompression Theory! You also learn skills and problem solving techniques which can be used during recreational dives as well!
  4. Gives you an excuse to try and buy new toys!As the equipment used in Technical Diving is different from recreational scuba diving, you’ll learn about these gears, the philosophy behind their design and have a go at them!
  5. You will definitely learn something from Technical Diving that is applicable to your daily life and in recreational scuba diving.Be it becoming a more organised person, someone who is more ready to tackle a problem or emergency, someone that is more confident of themselves underwater or even someone that is more capable to task-load themselves and yet remain calm under pressure, Technical Diving offers a this opportunity to grow as a person and as a diver!

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