The Seac X -5M is an absolute bargain in terms of comfort and efficiency.  The compact and functional breather  has high performance, and is a darling when trying to pack for travelling due to the high-flex braided hose.  The regulator is also Nitrox compatible up to the recreational limits of 40%.


First stage

The position of the first-stage port provides for kink-free routing of hoses.  Being a balanced piston, it delivers excellent performance with sturdy reliability.

Materials: Shiny chrome-plated brass

HP outlets: 2

LP outlets: 4

Second stage

Balanced membrane regulator.  The second stage is lightweight, providing for less jaw fatigue.  However, it does not compromise on performance.  Good airflow allowing for comfortable breathing.  A membrane block safety system guarantees perfect functioning and stability at all phases.  The second stage lever also has an asymmetric design to allow for maximum opening of the valve and deep water performance.

Materials: Ultralight technopolymers

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