Have you just completed the Open Water Diver course and you’re wondering what’s next for you? Then the SSI Advanced Adventurer course is the answer!

Why You Must Take the Advanced Adventurer Course

Improve knowledge in different specialty courses

The SSI Advanced Adventurer course is a program consists of variety of specialty courses you can try out before advancing to a specific course you’d like to engage in. This helps you improve your diving skills and knowledge in different specialty courses without requiring you to complete an entire course. It’s a commitment-free program!

Dive with an average maximum depth of 30 meters

Gaining basic insights on chosen specialties is just one of program’s perks. Aside from that, you will now have the ability to dive with an average maximum depth of 30 meters. Moreover, you will able to see an overview of Deep Diving and Navigational skills as you continue and improve the skills, knowledge and concepts you have acquired from the previous course you’ve taken.

Experience at least five different open water dives

In the duration of the program, a theory class is attended. Learning objectives during the dives on trip will be provided as introduction in the theory class. It will also equip you with the knowledge and concepts of different types environment conditions you may encounter during dive – night, drift, boat, shore, peak performance buoyancy, and etc. And all of these will be easily accessed thru Online Learning Portal via diveSSI.com. After the online theory class, a weekend trip session is then scheduled to fully experience at least five different open water dives first hand on your chosen diving destination.

And the good thing about this course, you only need to check on and provide one requirement – an Open Water Diver certification. Just that and you’re free to level up to the SSI Advanced Adventurer course. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and discover what’s ahead of your diving adventures!

Just Breathe Better Underwater


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