Start Your Diving Journey in Style!

Gill Divers are calling to all aspiring divers out there to come join the ever growing Diving Community. With Scuba Schools International (SSI) having one of the highest standards for training, we are motivated not only to provide you with an unforgettable experience but to also help train you to be the best diver you can! Every experienced diver knows that a fun and successful dive is the one you enjoy most in comfort! From getting uneven tan lines and getting too cold, all divers do not want to have a bad experience. Hence, with your best interests in our minds, we would like to extend our current promotion to you! With any SSI Open Water Diver Course sign up, you will be entitled to a discount on either the SEAC WarmGuard or Seac SunGuard! You just need to top-up from only $40 to get your rashguard that will keep you protected and in style on your diving journey! Sign Up Now

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