SEAC Icaro 2000

The lightweight version of the timeless ICARO, the ICARO 2000 was created to satisfy divers looking for a functional and adaptable BCD, as well as one that is extremely resistant to abrasion and tears. The ICARO 2000 possesses many of the same features found in our ICARO, including an aluminum back plate and double bladder. The well known freedom of movement ( giving it a spacewalker sort of look) and light weight design are embellished by SEAC proprietary features like the the Quick Adjusting System. To make diving with one of the world’s best BCDs even better, be sure to accessorise your unit with authentic SEAC items.


– Outer bladder material: Cordura 1000 D coated in PU

– Inner bladder material: Polyurethane

– Dump valve: 3 (shoulder, inflator,lower back) with pull commands

– D-rings: 6 – 2 in (50mm) aluminium rings

– Dry weight: 4.4 lbs (2500 g)

One of the great things of adopting a wing configuration, is that you will have all of the lift on the rear and on or around your body. The ICARO 2000 is such a BCD where all of the lift capacity is in the “air bag” on your back. That airbag is designed as a double bladder, the outer bladder is coated 1000D Cordura material and the inner bladder is polyurethane. The lift capacity of this BCD is 18 kilograms, which for normal diving with a thicker wetsuit or drysuit is sufficient. 

For comfort, the back plate is provided with a soft padding, which we believe, has been applied in all of the right places. The straps are adjustable even during operation, and this allows for a great degree of comfort and flexibility. Besides a cummerbund, there is also a breast and a crotch strap to keep the BCD securely in place while diving.

The BCD is furnished with six aluminium D-rings that are distributed in different places on the wing. This makes for adequate customisation capacity for accessories. It also comes with dump valves which are designed to be handled easily.

The standard version of the BCD comes without integrated weight pockets. The set weighs just over 2 pounds – which is why this BCD is great for travel.

All in all, the ICARO 2000 is an ideal travel companion, offers great comfort, flexibility and durability for rugged recreational use.

The ICARO 2000 is retailing for $1,029.00.


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